GRANILOURO has always been aware of the importance of doing things right and having respect for our environment, consequently became, in the year 2001, the first company in the sector obtaining the certifications of QMS (Quality Management System) and EMS (Environment Management System) according to the international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, respectively.

1449076226_icon-70-document-file-pdf QMS and EMS Policy

QMS: ISO 9001

Our company is committed with our customers satisfaction, so we established a continuous improvement scheme maintaining the strictest controls of all our processes and complying with the rules of the CE marking, using our FPC (Factory Production Control), thus, obtaining the maximum quality of both products and services and providing to the performed work an added value.


EMS: ISO 14001

GRANILOURO understands that only respecting our environment we can offer a future for generations to come, therefore seeks and implements the best available technologies, as closed re-circulated water system, encouraging the reuse and recycling of raw materials and auxiliary products, and keeping regular checks of our environmental aspects, what allows us to comply with more and more extensive and demanding legislation.

Certificado GL BVC ISO 14001:2008 hasta 2017 español-inglés