Oficinas Centrales Granilouro.


GRANILOURO was created in the 80’s to focus on the production and marketing of natural stones. A project that, with hard work and effort, made the company became a sector’s referent.

Located in the Porriño area, where granite is the main raw material, and very close to one of the most important commercial ports in Europe, destination of stones from quarries all over the world; our company began its journey slowly but firmly with a clear mission: providing both quality products and services with the shortest delivery times.

We have a great knowledge of the raw materials we work with, a full experience in its transformation, done by a highly qualified team and using the most updated technology in the sector, however we would not achieve this success without the collaboration of the architects, artists that have been able to visualize their architectural projects using natural stone.
GRANILOURO has had the privilege to work with such prestigious architects as Rafael Moneo, Álvaro Siza Vieira, Juan Miguel Hernández de León, Luis Collarte, Juan Alonso, Rubén Picado, Manuel de las Casas, Kevin Roche, Kamel Louafi, Mauro Lomba, etc …

The reason we have managed to succeed in important and prestigious projects is not only related to our resources, but also to the value we give to every detail. The attention we pay to every job is constant from the beginning to the end, keeping a continuous collaboration with all main actors of the project: architects, project managers, buyers, etc… in order to involve them in the transformation of natural stone in an architectural work of art for the future.

Today GRANILOURO is a solvent company, short listed in the main factories in the sector and with a recognized prestige.