Our Factory


Everyone is involved.

Workforce is the most important asset of any organization; therefore GRANILOURO maintains a constant effort to secure, control and improve the work conditions of its team, using own and external resources, in order to keep our personnel training updated and our protection equipments modernised, being aware that this is our bet for both present and future.

Our production plants

Our company has the privilege of being in a worldwide renewed granite region: The Rosa PorriƱo granite quarries. Our four large workshops are equipped with the latest machinery, where Masters Stonemasons bring Natural Stone to life, are the start point of CE marking material.

Numbering ships industrial Granites of the Louro, S.A.
Stock areas for blocks and finished products.


Despite the best way to see how our machines work is in situ, as many of our customers had the chance, you can watch our videos for your reference. For example, something as simple as turning a slab on the cutting line requires appropriate technology:

Our efficient cutting line. The technology that we use for our products to reach the required quality and the shortest delivery time can be seen in this video recorded on our facilities by Digafer.
Operations like turning, flamed, washed, brushed, sawn and palletizing are done automatically under the supervision of skilled workers:

The Palletizing Robot:

Another leading machines installed in Granilouro, is our 100 threads Mirage 4000 Block cutter, from Barsanti Macchine. This Barsanti owned video was also recorded in our facilities: