Most of our projects may be urban planning and/or landscaping works, but granite is clearly a highly durable material used in cladding and solid pieces for façades and interiors (stairs, floors, walls, etc.) Here are some relevant examples.


The Gallery of the Royal Collections of Madrid is an impressive project. Located next to the Almudena Cathedral and the Royal Palace, it has housed the collections of the Spanish monarchies for five centuries, from Isabella the Catholic to Isabella II. It measures some 40,000 m2 and was designed by architects Tuñón and Mansilla, receiving numerous awards. The building and interiors consist of only four elements: grey granite, wood, concrete and glass. The façade is made of special solid grey granite pieces, and for its installation, Granilouro devised a new tool to vertically place them one by one. Also, interiors, floors, stairs, cobblestone, etc.


Paving in both the access and distribution areas of the theatres, public toilet areas and elevators in honed Blanco Louro granite, large in size and tilted on an angle. The same granite was used to build solid steps in large sections. The façades are covered with ornamental panels based on the project design, including polygonal pieces puzzled together in Blanco Louro granite. The finish is smooth and angled, based on a system of aluminium and stainless-steel profiles. Some of the cladding is ventilated with finishes in flamed Blanco Louro granite. The covering of the interior walls of the access and distribution areas contains pieces following the floor joints, determining their width and height, from floor to ceiling (in hallway areas). This work has been especially complex given that in placing these pieces, they are completely ventilated and held together with specific anchors.

Architecture Prize in the Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism.

Ventilated cladding on profiles for the pieces having geometries that were previously re-designed in the workshop. Ventilated cladding with punctual anchoring both inside and outside. Large pieces which, in the theatre hallways, extend from the floor to the ceilings.


Work created in Silvestre Moreno granite. Indoor flooring, stairs, swimming pool. Placement of special large pieces on the roof


This project, executed by the Picado de Blas Architectos studio, was awarded the 2008 Stone Architecture Prize, organized by the Spanish Federation of Natural Stone and the Stone Fair organized by IFEMA.

The Theatre-Auditorium is one of the largest sites in Madrid’s San Lorenzo de El Escorial city. Located in the Felipe II Park, just 150 meters from the monastery grounds, it is situated on a largely uneven plot of land, allowing for it to be built by placing stands on a slope, as done in the classical theatres. To integrate it into this natural space, and in contrast with the nearby monastery, Silvestre Moreno Louro granite was used, with its beige-yellow and grey tones.

For the entire façade, exterior area and terraces, and the interior floors and stairs, Silvestre Mar was used in distinct finishes: rough for the cladding facades, shot-blasted for the outdoor floors, honed or polished for interiors. It boasts important solid elements such as benches and block edges installed in its foundations. Walls and floor coverings come in various thicknesses and even the ceilings were created in stone. And its public bathrooms include countertops that were exclusively designed by its architects.


The Pousada de Armenteira is a project of Galician architect Mauro Lomba Martínez, combining the best of design and architecture. Granilouro created all the special pieces, with 3 and 4 sides, of the façade cladding in Silvestre Moreno Louro granite. Each piece involved a rough carving process and set of grooves made in the workshop by our master stone masons. This material and finish encourage an integral connection with nature. We also made solid pieces in the interior, in addition to the flooring.