Who we are


In the mid-1980s, a project arose which, through intense work and effort, led to the development of GRANITOS DEL LOURO S.A. (GRANILOURO), a company devoted to the transformation and sale of granite.

We are located near Porriño, a Galician town where granite is the raw material par excellence, and only 20 minutes from the Vigo port, one of the most important commercial ports of Europe, departure, and arrival point of hundreds of varieties of mineral.

Since its inception, Granilouro has had a firm and secure trajectory with a very clear objective: to offer a quality product and service with the best built-in execution times.

We adapt to our client’s needs, working side by side with architects and landscapers, and our technical department advises customers throughout the process. Always looking for the best solutions, the most select materials and the most suitable alternatives.

Currently, the Granilouro family has grown and today, it consists of approximately 60 workers, distributed between the Salceda factory and the Madrid team.

Relying on the latest technology in cutting and finishing machinery, Granilouro is made up of professionals prepared and specialized in their different positions (we can communicate in up to 5 languages), always researching to improve processes and increase efficiency.

Our monthly production is approximately 60,000 m2. An exciting future awaits us.

Origin and source

We have granite blocks from around the world.

Properties of the stone

Resistant pieces, long-lasting, “for an entire lifetime”.

Uses and applications

Our granite is perfect for large urban planning projects.

History and symbolism

With a long trajectory guided by water.

In addition to relying on our extensive knowledge of the raw materials with which we work, with experience in transformation, a highly qualified human team and the most advanced technology in the sector, we could not have come this far without the collaboration of artists who have managed to visualize their architectural projects using natural stone. GRANILOURO has had the privilege of collaborating in the works of such prestigious architects as Rafael Moneo, Álvaro Siza Vieira, Juan Miguel Hernández de León, Luis Collarte, Juan Alonso, Rubén Picado, Manuel de las Casas, Kevin Roche, Kamel Louafi, Mauro Lomba, Estudio Guadiana y Porras, Rafael de la Hoz Estudio, Estudio Mansilla and Tuñón, Zaha Hadid, etc.

Years of experience

At GRANILOURO we have been working on large and prestigious projects, not only thanks to our resources but also due to the meticulous attention that we offer to each detail.

Our concern for each work that we participate in is ongoing, from start to end, to seek ongoing collaboration of all project participants: architects, works managers, purchase directors, etc., with all of them working on the transformation of natural stone into an architectonic work for posterity.

Today, GRANILOURO is a solvent company, ranked amongst the top factories of the sector and with great prestige.