We have remodelled approximately 50 Madrid metro stations, or created them from the ground up, some even twice. Entrances to train stations, trams in France, Denmark, Finland, or Algeria. Metro in Ecuador and Norway. Train Stations. From solid platform edge pieces with non-slip strips, flooring, stair access, to solid tram track kerbs with drop, podotactile pavement, etc. Airport terminals in France, Morocco (2 terminals in Casablanca) and Spain.


Throughout our history we have carried out many jobs in different metro stations, both in Madrid and abroad. We have also worked on trams, high-rise buses, or trains, especially with honed and polished pavements. Access stairs in black with non-slip grooves and platform edges, also, in black.


For the first metro line in Ecuador, Acciona relied on Granilouro thanks to the extensive experience collaborating with us in Madrid. The work included floors, platform kerbs and special pieces in Negro Angola.


The light tram finally arrived in Odense thanks to Danish company MUNCK, which turned to us to create the kerbs and podotactile parts in Negro Angola.