It is an igneous rock with great hardness and beauty, made up of feldspar, mica and quartz. Its durability makes it optimal as a material for construction products such as flooring, façade cladding, urban furniture, or interior furniture.

Granilouro works with many classes of granites from across the world, consisting of a wide range of colours and veinings.

Available in multiple finishes: sawn, honed, polished, shot blasted, bush-hammered, flamed, aged. 

Gris Louro

Silvestre Semi Louro

Silvestre Moreno Louro

Gris Yago

Silvestre Semi Moreno Yago

Silvestre Moreno Yago

Gris Mar

Silvestre Semi Moreno Mar

Silvestre Mar

Blanco Louro

Gris Adri

Gris Sofía

Blue Stelar

Azul Platino

Rosa Porriño

Negro Santiago

Negro Angola

Negro Zimbawe

Gris Pascual

Gris Tragal