Landscaping/Urban Planning

Most of our projects are public and tend to involve the urban planning and landscaping of specific areas in cities and towns. Basically, we help make these spaces more open, using planters, benches for resting, fountains, pieces for sidewalks and pavements, etc. Obviously, we also work on private projects, both in Spain and in Europe and other regions.


The remodelling project of Plaza de España and its surrounding UTE PLAZA ESPAÑA (FCC-PACSA), signed by architects LORENZO FERNÁNDEZ-ORDÓÑEZ, ARÁNZAZU LA CASTA and FERNANDO PORRAS-ISLA, with over 1,000 production sheets that have given rise to all of the granite seen in this location of the beautiful city of Madrid. The best way to summarise this is using the words sent by their architectural study. «The works around Plaza de España, in the centre of Madrid, are some of the most important to be carried out in this city over the past ten years. They are situated in the most monumental part

of the city’s historic centre, next to the Royal Palace. These works completely transform the automobile traffic, duplicating the surface area of squares and zebra crossings, creating an area of clean air with the planting of over 1,000 trees. In addition to the vegetation, benches, pavements, copings, kerbs, imposts, cornices and special pieces, they have brilliantly brought together all the details on the surface of this new urban unit, making each solution a reality, and collectively drawing, piece by piece, the hundreds of stereotomic sets of the work».

Surrounding the Plaza de España, there are large benches serving a dual function: both planter and bench. Some of the pieces were carved to permit the incorporation of wooden backrests and seats. We made perimeter kerb pieces in fountains with a moulded section, based on the architects’ design.


Four months ahead of schedule, Granilouro completed the work on Madrid’s Gran Vía, prepared for the 2018-19 Christmas season. The sidewalks were widened with Gris Louro and Negro Santiago granite, between 2.6 and 3.4 meters, depending on the section, gaining up to 6,800 m² in space for pedestrians. Planters were added, along with cobblestone accesses for the garages and the curves connecting to the cross streets were made to measure.

In our 30 years of history, we have paved the Gran Vía twice. Madrid and its celebrated Gran Vía form a part of our history. We have also been responsible for the urban furniture, and of the 143 installed benches, 110 are made of granite manufactured and placed by Granilouro.


Exterior paving work surrounding the unique buildings ‘Cuatro Torres Business Area’ of Madrid: A play on shadows with three shades of granite (black; light grey and medium grey), broken by green zones (gardens) and graffiti (taped) made with red, green, and yellow tones of granite. The paving is situated on plots, except for the zones of transport for emergency and other vehicles, which are solid. Accesses to garages have been coated with polished black granite. To delimit and protect the building area, grey and black granite benches (urban furniture) have been added.


The Madrid Río project is perhaps the most important work carried out in the city of Madrid over recent decades and may be one of the most ambitious public projects carried out recently in all of Europe.

The team managed by Ginés Garrido and established in the offices of Burgos & Garrido Arquitectos, Porras La Casta, Rubio & A-Sala and West 8, won an international competition in 2005 for the creation of a public space project on a surface to free up the tunnelling of a motorway. The project connects the city of Madrid with the valuable exterior landscapes surrounding it.

Madrid Río has been published in many general and specialised media in Spain and abroad and has received various awards such as the XII Veronica Rudge Green Prize in Urban Design granted by the University of Harvard (2016), the Premio Hispania Nostra (2016), the International Award for Urban Planning and Urban Design from the International Committee of Architecture Critics at

the XII Bienal de Buenos Aires (2011), the Urban Planning Award granted by the association of promoters of Madrid (2008) and the Award for Best Public Work from the Association of Civil Engineers of Madrid (2011).


Converted into a pedestrian street, it is covered mainly by Black, Red and Grey granite. The pavement, cut on the bias, and the off-centre tiles forming the tree pits are striking.


Remodelling work for the City Hall square in Hannover. Paved with 2 coloured paving stones, creating patterns, large benches-planters, steps, and rectangular benches with LED lights. Gris Louro material.


Integral urban planning of the Gran Vía Juan Carlos I in Logroño with Gris Louro, Gris Mondariz, Rosa Porriño and Negro Colatorao granite.