Plaza de España

A Pinnacle of Acknowledgments: Spain Square and the Distinctive Mark of Granilouro

The renovation of Spain Square signed by the architects LORENZO FERNÁNDEZ-ORDÓÑEZ, ARÁNZAZU LA CASTA, and FERNANDO PORRAS-ISLA, has been a colossal endeavor that merged architectural prowess with expertise in the use of natural materials. This blend has led to a series of awards that attest to the impact and significance of the project on the international stage.

  1. 2021 City Award Madrid Next presented by the Open House Foundation: An accolade that recognizes urban projects that make a significant difference in the quality of life of its citizens. The Open House Foundation celebrates innovation in urban design, and Spain Square has proven to be a role model.
  2. Best Work Award 2022 from the Madrid Demarcation of the College of Civil Engineers of Roads, Canals, and Ports: This award highlights the top urban interventions that fuse functionality with aesthetics, and which have a positive impact on mobility and urban experience.
  3. Albert Serratosa City and Territory Award 2023: Given by the College of Civil Engineers of Roads, Canals, and Ports of Spain, this acknowledgment underlines the critical role that projects like this play in shaping and enhancing our urban spaces.
  4. Selected Project at the Rosa Barba 2023 International Landscape Biennial: A platform to be showcased in Barcelona, emphasizing the significance of landscaping and how Spain Square has become an example of urban transformation and regeneration.
  5. International Architecture Awards 2023, European by the Chicago Athaeneum: This recognition confirms the project’s global reach and influence, being a testament to excellence in architecture and design.
  6. Award from the Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism: This award is a testament to the project’s impact on the national architectural scene.
  7. Award from the Official College of Architects of Madrid 2023: An honor that tops off the collaboration between architects and materials experts, celebrating the vision and execution that transformed an iconic space in the capital.

These awards are not just accolades; they are a validation of the effort, passion, and dedication that everyone involved has invested in Spain Square. At Granilouro, we are proud to have been a part of this monumental work and to continue contributing to projects that define and enhance our urban surroundings.