Granilouro at Rocalia 2023: Connections and Discoveries in the Heart of Lyon

Once again, we have participated in the biennial Rocalia fair in Lyon. This is one of our favorite events, as it is highly focused on the French market, yet provides us with very interesting contacts: landscapers, architects, and stone distributors in the country.

Rocalia is not just a fair; it is a crucial meeting point for us, offering the opportunity to connect with potential prescribers in the French market and to reconnect with our clients.

The Rocalia Experience

This year’s fair was exceptionally enriching. We found ourselves immersed in an environment where innovation and creativity in the use of granite were tangible.

We greatly enjoyed reconnecting with loyal customers, trusted suppliers, and competitors who drive us to improve each year. These interactions are the core of our growth in the industry.

We were particularly impressed by the influx of visitors from French Switzerland and Belgium. Their presence underscores the growing relevance of Rocalia as an international event.

In every conversation, we felt the pulse of emerging trends, technological innovations, and special stone treatments that are defining the future of our industry.

The feedback received at the fair was invaluable. We gained a deeper understanding of the market expectations for 2024 and the emerging trends that will shape our upcoming projects. This kind of insight is vital to staying at the forefront in such a dynamic sector.

Thank you to everyone for being with us, supporting us in each edition by visiting our booth and sharing time with us.

Merci beaucoup, Rocalia! See you in 2025.