Granilouro unveils its renewed corporate image at Marmomac.

From September 26th to 29th, the city of Verona became the global capital of natural stone, hosting Marmomac, the most prestigious event in the industry. Amid the excitement of this global gathering, one revelation stood out among the rest: the corporate transformation of Granilouro.

This international fair, recognized for being the epicenter of innovations and trends in the granite world, provided the perfect backdrop for the metamorphosis of our brand. Granilouro’s new identity, with its minimalist strokes, is not just a reflection of adapting to the current times. More profoundly, it is a tangible representation of the evolution of a company that has successfully combined tradition and avant-garde, maintaining its leadership and unwavering commitment to excellence in the sector.

Choosing Marmomac as the venue to unveil this renewal was not a decision made lightly. As a leading event, it brings together the main players and enthusiasts of stone from all over the world. In this international setting, attendees had the unique opportunity to contrast the eternal and solid essence of granite with the rejuvenated and dynamic spirit that now characterizes Granilouro.

However, at Granilouro we understand that a brand isn’t just about its visual image. It’s also a reflection of its values and principles. Upholding our commitment to a greener and more sustainable future, at this edition of Marmomac, we proudly introduced our renewed corporate merchandise. The bags, made from eco-friendly fabrics, and the notebooks, crafted from recycled materials, stand out not just for their functionality and design, but also as symbols of our unwavering commitment to environmental protection.

Marmomac 2023 was not just another event on the calendar. It marked a milestone in Granilouro’s history, bearing witness to a transformation that goes beyond the visual.

With our feet firmly planted in the legacy of granite and eyes set on a future full of possibilities, we gear up for a journey teeming with innovations and achievements.

A journey towards the future that we build together.