Innovation in action: how technology is revolutionising the granite processing industry

The granite processing industry does not stand still, and at Granilouro we at Granilouro are a good example of this with our powerful Innovation department. From the outside, it might seem that, when working with a stone material, the latest technologies can do little, but the opposite is true.
These innovations have not only optimised the extraction and processing of granite, but have also improved the quality of the final product.
Without going any further, one of the next projects in which Granilouro is immersed will have to do with the support and funding of the Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN). This close collaboration is already in the testing period and the idea is that it will provide our company with a new technical solution, which will allow us to produce parts with greater constructive features, thanks to which, for example, the new products will be able to reach spans of between 5 and more than 10 metres.
The aim of this technological leap will be to modify the standard dimensions of granite pieces to adapt them to new dimensions, a milestone that Granilouro expects to bring about a radical paradigm shift in the production of granite pieces.
Our commitment to be at the forefront is firm and resolute. In fact, a large part of the company’s annual profit is invested in machinery and innovation. In this sense, the selective implementation of robots in the Salceda factory is of great importance, making the production chain even more efficient.
Also noteworthy is the acquisition of state-of-the-art machinery to improve the different processes through which the granite passes. This practical application of technological innovation has an equally real objective: to improve and shorten production processes in order to be more accurate, precise and efficient in the final results.
Closely related to the commitment to technological innovation is the commitment to sustainability. At Granilouro we advocate the defence of the environment and we do so, among many other actions, with the installation of solar panels for self-supply of electricity with which, in addition to reducing costs, we manage to reduce our footprint on the natural environment in which we work.