Publication in the ABC: ” The primary sector takes off its lustre

Extract from the report in the ABC ‘El sector primario se saca lustre’ where our Company is mentioned:

Antonio Castro | President of Granilouro


“We anticipated the crisis and got it right by going abroad”.

Antonio Castro has entrepreneurship in his genes. He defines himself as a “born fighter” and despite having managed to position his company as a leader in the sector of extraction, import, transformation, placement and marketing of all types of natural stone at a national level, his challenge now is to climb positions in Europe, where they are already a reference in Germany. Their success puts them on a par with the other “granite producers” in the area, who, with their “talent”, have been able to capitalise on their own strength. The Louro Valley (Pontevedra) is a granite area of world renown. Its quarries produce more than 600,000 tonnes a year.

“We are a very powerful sector, I would go so far as to say the third largest after the automotive and textile industries, and the future opportunities we have before us are incalculable. No other country in the EU has the mines or the production of granite and slate that we have in Galicia”, he says in his conversation with ABC. He is no less proud of his own successes. Granilouro has had the privilege of working on works by such prestigious architects as Rafael Moneo, Álvaro Siza Vieira, Juan Miguel Hernández de León and Luis Collarte, among many others. The planters, benches and kerbstones in the town hall square in Hannover (Germany) bear his signature. Also the steps of the Saint Bernard church in Strasbourg (France). In Spain, the cladding of the façade