Canal Theatres – Madrid

Paving of the access and distribution areas of the Theatres, public toilet areas and lifts in large-sized, honed Blanco Cáceres granite, laid in a traverse. Solid steps in wide sections in the same material. Facade cladding with ornamental panels according to the design of the work, with polygonal pieces in Blanco Cáceres granite, with a smooth honed finish and laid with a system of aluminium and stainless steel profiles. Ventilated cladding on façade finishes in Blanco Cáceres flamed granite.

Access view. Cladding on high parts and steps.
Entrance hall paved in granite with large pieces.

Cladding of the interior walls of the access and distribution areas with pieces that follow the joints of the floor, determining their width and height from floor to ceiling (in the corridor areas). This work has had a special complexity in the placement of these pieces that are fully ventilated and fastened with specific anchors.

Architecture Prize of the Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism.

Interior view of corridors with granite walls from floor to ceiling laid with point anchoring.
High-height wall cladding, in several pieces.

Ventilated cladding on profiles for parts of agreed geometry previously set out in the workshop.

Sections of ventilated façade on profiles.
Previously married in workshop.

Ventilated veneer with point anchoring both indoors and outdoors. Large pieces that in the aisle areas inside the theatres go from floor to ceiling.