Arenal Street – Madrid

Mosaic paving combining Red, White and Black granites in small pieces. Reinforced areas for the passage of vehicles using even smaller pieces, to avoid breaking them, triangulating the square pieces into 4 pieces, thus avoiding breaking the mosaic design.

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Claudio Moyano Street – Madrid

Paving of the street with large tiles and custom-made flattened side copings. All kinds of special pieces were made in this street, such as barbicans for pedestrian crossings and fords for vehicle crossings in solid granite, kerbs with a rounded edge, concave-shaped granite rigolas and interspersed grid pieces, planters. Even solid benches of large dimensions that were adjusted to the …

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Bastion of the Mallorquins – Ceuta

This gate in the walls was made in granite by Silvestre Moreno. It is a replica of the old Portuguese-era bastion that currently houses the Tourist Office. Built in pieces of large proportions, it required large lifting equipment for its assembly. Its roof protrudes above the concrete wall on which the rest of the gate was attached, which is why …

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Puerta del Sol – Madrid

The entire Puerta del Sol square in Madrid has been paved with our Light Grey, Dark Grey and Black granites. Tiles, cobblestones, tactile paving (grooved and with buttons), bollards, kerbs, fountain, metro station…A voluminous work crowned with the replacement of the old Km.0 plaque with a new one in noble materials.Mention must be made of the plaque commemorating 11M 2004, …

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Plaque commemorating ’11-M’ in 2004

Granilouro, has made the commemorative plaque located in the Real Casa de Correos, which expresses its gratitude to the Emergency Services involved and its remembrance of the Victims of the attacks that took place on 11 March 2004 in Madrid. As could not be otherwise, this plaque was a gift to the Community of Madrid.

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Canal Theatres – Madrid

Paving of the access and distribution areas of the Theatres, public toilet areas and lifts in large-sized, honed Blanco Cáceres granite, laid in a traverse. Solid steps in wide sections in the same material. Facade cladding with ornamental panels according to the design of the work, with polygonal pieces in Blanco Cáceres granite, with a smooth honed finish and laid …

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Faculty of Law and Philology – Madrid

Interior cladding with large Yellow granite, steps, stilts and stilts.Paving of square with Alba Grey granite tiles, Black granite and cobblestones. Kerbs for flower boxes. Lining of walls of coffered ceilings by means of anchoring, both in profile and in punctual anchoring. Steps in the accesses and cladding of entrances.

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