Galería de las colecciones reales

The Galería de Colecciones Reales in Madrid

A Cutting-Edge Architectural Project In the heart of Madrid, next to the iconic Almudena Cathedral and the majestic Royal Palace, lies the Galería de Colecciones Reales. This impressive project, designed by renowned architects Tuñón and Mansilla, is a tribute to history and art, housing the collections of the Spanish monarchies over five centuries, from Isabella the Catholic to Isabella II. …

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Granilouro unveils its renewed corporate image at Marmomac.

From September 26th to 29th, the city of Verona became the global capital of natural stone, hosting Marmomac, the most prestigious event in the industry. Amid the excitement of this global gathering, one revelation stood out among the rest: the corporate transformation of Granilouro. This international fair, recognized for being the epicenter of innovations and trends in the granite world, …

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Plaza de España

A Pinnacle of Acknowledgments: Spain Square and the Distinctive Mark of Granilouro

The renovation of Spain Square signed by the architects LORENZO FERNÁNDEZ-ORDÓÑEZ, ARÁNZAZU LA CASTA, and FERNANDO PORRAS-ISLA, has been a colossal endeavor that merged architectural prowess with expertise in the use of natural materials. This blend has led to a series of awards that attest to the impact and significance of the project on the international stage. These awards are …

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Innovation in the world of granite: Overcoming Size Limitations

The granite industry has taken a bold step into the future with an exciting breakthrough that challenges the restrictions on the sizing of its products. Thanks to the crucial support of the Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN), we have managed to overcome the conventional sizes of granite pieces and open up new possibilities in the construction and urban design sector. The …

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Plaza de España, Madrid – Spain

The remodeling project of the Plaza de España and its surroundings UTE PLAZA ESPAÑA (FCC-PACSA), signed by the architects LORENZO FERNÁNDEZ-ORDÓÑEZ, ARÁNZAZU LA CASTA and FERNANDO PORRAS-ISLA, with more than 1000 cutting files that have given rise to all the granite that can be seen in this location of the beautiful city of Madrid, it is not easy to summarize …

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Equality Plan

GRANITOS DEL LOURO S.A. declares its commitment and establishment of policies that integrate equal treatment and opportunities between women and men. To this end, it has drawn up and implemented its I Equality Plan in the Company, registered in REGCON with Nº 90111612112021, valid until 25/10/2025.The company establishes Equal Opportunities as a strategic principle of its corporate and human resources …

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Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety Management

Granilouro has obtained the ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management Certificate, which applies to the production and installation of stone products. With this accreditation, Granilouro takes the helm in a sector where this type of certification is not common beyond the ISO 9001:2015 or ISO 14001:2015 that we also have (Quality Management and Environmental Management respectively). We are proud …

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Arenal Street – Madrid

Mosaic paving combining Red, White and Black granites in small pieces. Reinforced areas for the passage of vehicles using even smaller pieces, to avoid breaking them, triangulating the square pieces into 4 pieces, thus avoiding breaking the mosaic design.

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